Lemons into Lemonade? Whatever!

Yesterday (Monday, of course) was literally one of those days. 

There were no subtle hints – it just started out like any other day:

Showered & dressed for work

Folded a load of laundry

Started a new load of laundry

Got the kids on the bus

Made coffee (gotta have it!)

Ate breakfast

Made my lunch

Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher

Dropped Jasper at the groomers (this doesn’t happen every morning!)

Drove to work in the lemon . . . .

I parked my car in the usual spot in the parking lot, walked in the office, said “Good Morning”  to some co-workers, put my lunch in the refrigerator, and headed toward my cube (this is pretty much the morning routine) – UGH! That is when I discovered my wardrobe malfunction!  The girls were on display – the button on my blouse had failed me!  “How long had I been sporting this look?  Did the ladies at the groomers get a peek? If so, why didn’t they say anything?! Women are supposed to stick together! What about my co-workers?”  Oh, great

It did remind me why I don’t buy a lot of button-down blouses (maybe never again) – they’re usually made for flat-chested, pencil-thin women.  That would not be me – I’ve got boobs, damn it!  If I pick a blouse that can contain the girls, it’s too big everywhere else and visa versa!  I want to point out  that I’m NOT in the ranks with Pamela Anderson or Dolly Parton – I’m not!  I’m just a normal-sized woman – that’s my irritation!!  The only store where I’ve had a modicum of success is Ann Taylor Loft – they seem to understand (or sympathize) with women with curves.  However, this ATL button-down blouse let me down today.  😦

 I survived my day at work without any further malfunctions (wardrobe or otherwise) and now it’s time to go! I get into the lemon  –  the air conditioner starts acting wonky.  It was running, but the air wasn’t getting cold (it was hotter than Hades yesterday, too – 90 degrees).  “Really??!! Now, what?!  I just spent $800 on you 3 weeks ago!  What is wrong with you?” 

Aaahhhhh! I’m so sick of this car!  After getting a grip, I call the garage (they know who I am by the sound of my voice) and set up a lemon appointment for Wednesday.  The nice person on the other end of the phone said that it sounds like the freon needs charged – that better be it!  If they call me tomorrow and tell me that  it’s going to be another $800, you will see me on the evening news.  I will the be crazed, wild-eyed woman going postal on my van and turning it into freakin’ lemonade! 

Bottoms up!

BTW, the rest of the day was frantic, but incident-free:  picked up Jasper from the groomers (in hot, oven-like car), cooked and ate dinner with the kids, and then ran off to painting class for some Jenni-time.

Wednesday better be “Good News” day!

Deja Vu (Again!!)

dé·jà vu   

[dey-zhah voo, vyoo; Fr. dey-zha vy]

  1. Psychology The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time.
  2. An impression of having seen or experienced something before: Old-timers watched the stock-market crash with a distinct sense of déjà vu. 



What day is it today?  Tuesday? Wednesday?  I am a little confused.  I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog’s Day (you know, the movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell? Love that movie!). 

Yesterday (May 4th):   
  • Woke up vanless (so couldn’t run errands)
  • Took Shower
  • Folded load that came out of dryer yesterday
  • Moved load to dryer and put new load in washer
  • Kissed Jack and sent him to bus stop
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Worked on laptop while watching Today Show and Ellen
  • Son got home at 2:55pm
  • Daughters got home at 3:35pm (officially stop working)
  • Uploaded new post to blog
  • Made dinner – chatted with family
  • Watched Idol with the family
  • Went to bed
Today (May 5th): 
  • Woke up vanless (so couldn’t run errands again)
  • Took Shower
  • Folded load that came out of dryer yesterday
  • Moved load to dryer and put new load in washer
  • Kissed Jack and sent him to bus stop (I did make him a lunch today)
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Worked on laptop while watching Today Show and Ellen
  • Upload new post to blog
  • Son will get home at 2:55pm
  • Daughters will get home at 3:35pm (officially stop working)
  • Will make dinner and chat with family
  • Will watch Idol
  • And, eventually, I will go to bed

Okay, the garage just called about the Van/Taxi – some other part is leaking and it will be another $300 for a total of $800!       

The Van is 7 years old and I guess Chrysler Towne & Country’s weren’t meant to last.  At least it is paid off (isn’t that what everyone says about “lemons”?)  I suppose that one of these days the hubby and I will have to make a decision on whether or not to euthanize the Van and move on to newer transportation.  I hate spending money (I’m a super-saver), especially on cars.  Right now, I see them as a means to an end (getting me to work and getting kids to soccer practice, piano, hair cuts, baseball practice, ortho appointments, etc) and not the end (like guys do!).     

At least I will have a perfectly functioning (yeah, right!) vehicle by the end of day today so I can get into the office tomorrow.  That will be a nice change of pace, huh?  Don’t get me wrong –  I do like working from home, but I also need to be around actual people once in a while!  Talking to yourself can get really old really fast.     

Hopefully, by tomorrow, the Deja Vu spell will be lifted!