Uninspired. That’s what I am. I’m not sure why.

I have a lot to say and there’s a lot going on in this brain of mine, but I’m struggling with expressing it. What are the words?  I’m just not sure.

As I drift off to sleep, I think of what to say (it’s perfect!), but then I fall asleep. By morning my brilliant word play is gone and then, I’m left with trying to recover it. This, of course, is impossible. Back to square one.

Over the last month, I’ve been hit by a school bus (I’m okay), two out of three (three? I know, we are spoiled) of our home computers crashed, and my son had to go to the ER. This series of events have just thrown me off kilter a bit. I sit down to write and my mind goes blank. What’s up with that?

Due to the bus accident, I’m in a rental van (going on week three). I miss my old, red Town & Country. But, what keeps me going is that I know we will eventually be reunited and she will look shiny and new.

The computer situation? We replaced one of the two broken home computers – the new one is so awesome! You may be wondering why we have so many computers. We have just accumulated them as our family has grown. When you have three kids and a hubs that all require the computer to do work/homework, you need three computers. (I did fail to mention that my work laptop has also crashed and it will be replaced on Monday – I have  been cursed by the Microsoft gods.)

My son? He is okay – he slipped and fell in the dugout and braced his fall with his face against the bench (ouch!). It looked way worse than it was (confirmed by a $2,000 CT scan).

Well, that’s it. Nothing earth-shattering or life-altering, just life.

Hopefully, this funk will go away soon and I can get back to dazzling you with my insightful, brilliant and funny posts!

Engledows Unplugged?

pic c/o http://www.actoutmystery.com

Someone sent me this joke via email the other day and it struck a chord with me:

 Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, “I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle.  If that ever happens, just pull the plug.”  

They got up, unplugged  my laptop and threw out my wine.    

They are SO on my shit list…..  

Okay, here I am at my computer, but I’m drinking diet cherry coke tonight!  And, they haven’t unplugged me 🙂  

Recently, I’ve seen more and more tweets and blogs about people unplugging a bit, especially from Facebook.  I can understand that.  Since I have FB, Twitter and both home and work email on my iPhone, it does make it way too easy to check and see what people are up to.  I am very connected and maybe overly so.  My dad even told my middle one that he thinks I’m on my cell phone all of the time!  

This post got me thinking about technology – Reflections on Happiness.  The author of this post was talking about limiting TV Time and Computer Time in her life.  I’ve been mulling it over since I’ve read the post.  It’s definitely not a bad idea.  She also briefly touched on some of the cons of Facebook.  How many “friends” do you really want to (or can you) keep up with?  It’s weird, I’m connected with more people than ever, yet I don’t really feel personally connected.  Do you know what I mean?   

I wonder about my high schooler.  She has maybe close to 300 hundred “friends” – what about when she goes to college, then her job?  We’re talking exponential growth here!  How can she possibly keep up? What is the definition of a friend?  I think it can vary depending on whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged housewife.  For my daughter,  if she had science class with someone, then he/she is a friend even if this person is not within her circle of influence or in any of her other classes.  Huh?  That seems to be a stretch for me.

Maybe our whole family needs to unplug a bit.  It will be easier once school starts.  No one has time to do anything, but homework, sports and carpooling.

Of course, since I’m the grown-up, I guess I’ll have to start first to, you know, set the good example!  I will try to stay off of my phone unless absolutely necessary, limit my TV time, maybe start exercising again, finish my 3rd painting, and read more books. 

Okay, that’s my plan and I’m not afraid to use it!