Wishes for the Summer of 1980

The other evening, I was going through my junior high yearbook (our jr. high was 6th thru 9th) looking for a name for a story that I’m writing. Specifically, I was perusing my Freshman yearbook (1979-80). Going through the pages of this of brittle, worn and slightly discolored photo collection made me smile and cringe at the same time (if that’s possible). More cringe and less smile, really. If I was brave enough, I would show you my picture. It is the last official school picture of me in braces.

After I found the sought-after name, I just could not resist and had to read all of the yearbook scribblings. They were funny, sweet, purposeful, meaningless, generic, sincere and timeless. I also skimmed over many empty “Call me‘s” and “Let’s get together‘s” and “Good luck next year‘s” which are standard fare in any yearbook.

Just for you, dear readers, I have chosen a few personal messages written especially for me by my young, hopeful, Sophomore-to-be peers. These notes are “as written” for your unedited pleasure. The names are missing or bogus in order to protect the innocent and to prevent embarrassment (mostly mine). Here we go . . . .

Jenny, I wish I could have been better friends than last year or this year but theres always next year. Jenny, I seriously hope I see you this summer. I have to go but I’ll never forget you. Take it easy alright. Love,  Asswipe Smith (9th grade boy)

This entry is on the FRONT cover of my Freshman yearbook. What does it even mean? Where does he have to go? If you wanted me so badly, why didn’t you call me or send your friend over to find out if I liked you?! He didn’t even spell my name correctly (it’s Jenni). Did he write this same drivel in every girl’s yearbook? What a dickwad. Really.

Jenni, You’re a great person, student and friend! You’ll be sucessful in anything that you decide to do! I’m really gonna miss your cute face this summer, so keep in touch! Have a wonderful summer and freshman year! Love Always, Hope Sunshine! (9th grade girl)

Lots of exclaiming here! Oh, and by the way, we will all be Sophomores next year, not Freshmen! She must have been too excited for the summer to think straight because as I  recall, she was a very smart girl!

Jenni, We’ve had fun in Spanish. Really weird & crazy! Lots of Luck in the future & have gobs of fun this summer! Love, Fiesta Burrito (9th grade girl)

Gobs (tee, hee) – that word makes me giggle. When was the last time you heard it? You know, I wish I could remember that weird and crazy Spanish class. It must have been one helluva class since that’s all she could think of to comment on in my yearbook.

Jennifer, To the girl I thought was a boy. My 1st real romance. I’ll always remember you and I hope you’ll remember me. Hope I see ya’ this summer. Good Luck Next Year!!! Love Always, First Crush (9th grade boy)

In his defense, I didn’t get my bosoms until every other girl got hers first (it was touch and go for a while). And, when we first met, I had a rockin’ Dorothy Hamill haircut that was complemented by my tomboyish demeanor. It could explain the ‘boy’ thing. Oh, and I do still remember him.

Jenni, I don’t have much time. Math was pretty fun. Katerina’s bugging me. Good Luck next year + in everything you do. I know I will see you this summer. Love, Harry Hormone (9th grade boy)

This one just struck me as very strange. I guess I should just consider myself lucky that he had time to write anything at all. If it hadn’t been for that bitch, Katerina, he would have had time to pour his heart out to me in a long, well-written sonnet.

Last one,

Jenni, We only went out twice, (thanks to you) but I had a very nice time with you. Your such a sweet girl. I hope to see you alot this summer. Have a nice Summer and good luck next year. Love Always, Prisoner of Love (9th grade boy)

I’m pretty sure he’s in jail now, so it was a good thing we only had two dates, don’t you think?

Enough of my special notes and odes to a joyful summer. This trip down Puberty Lane makes you want to go get your yearbook, doesn’t it? What are your favorite ones?

2 thoughts on “Wishes for the Summer of 1980

  1. You inspired me to pull out my high school yearbook, Jenni. There were lots of “love ya” and “see ya”….and many some old flames that I think about now and thank the heavens for the break-ups….I dodge many-a-bullets (believe me!). Oh, and I agree with you Harry Hormone probably would have written more…did you two attend high school together? Did he write something there as well?


  2. Mr. Hormone did graduate high school with me. We were just friends. He was a nice guy (I’m sure he’s still nice, but I haven’t seen him since our 10 yr reunion). I didn’t check my high school yearbooks – I’ll have to now 🙂


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