Letter Days

Same shit. Different Day. Come home, pull in garage, lug in multiple bags like a pack mule, let dog out, go to mailbox to fetch the junk mail and the many money-sucking envelopes. . . .

Letter from IU confirming that we are not eligible for any financial aid (fine!)

Another letter from IU, no, wait. . . it’s a bill from IU for one of my daughter’s high school courses that counts as college credit

Doctor bill from one of multiple visits in an attempt to cure the many mokuses (moki ?) that invaded our abode

Then….a letter. A regular handwritten letter.

A handwritten gem – it’s been so long since I’ve seen or received a handwritten letter. Why had I received this little surprise?  Well, I had forgotten that I signed up to get weekly letters from the The Rumpus. (Score one for aging.)

My First Letter from The Rumpus

It was a funny, interesting glimpse into someone else’s life. It made me smile and the cool thing about these letters is that you can write the author a return letter if he/she provides an address. My letter came with a return address – should I write back?

What do I say? I haven’t written a real letter since probably high school or college.

Letter writing is a dead art, don’t you think? By the way, letters are art – the writer’s words transformed into images for us as we read those magical pages. A snapshot in time – what mood was the writer in that day? What was she thinking or doing?

Compared to instant communication, letters are delayed gratification. And, what’s wrong with anticipation and delayed gratification? Absolutely Nothing!

However, waiting for anything these days seems to be considered old-fashioned and obsolete. You know what? Who cares? We need to slow down a bit and write a letter. What do you think? Who would you write a letter to?

Click here to start receiving your own letters. (The monthly subscription is less than a couple of coffees and will make you smile. I promise.)

2 thoughts on “Letter Days

  1. Yay! I love that. I’ve been meaning to sign up for that, but I get Stephen’s emails almost every day, so that suffices. Who wrote you? Was it Nick Flynn?


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