A Major Award!

I have to share something with all of you. I received a blogging award on May 30th. Surprised? I sure was!

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award was bestowed upon me by Dawn at Recovering Dawn and, I just discovered, by Cynthia at Knowledge Maven. I have to tell Dawn & Cynthia, “Thank you very much!”

I found Dawn’s sweet blog while surfing on the She Writes website. You must check it out. I love the honesty of her writing.

And, I discovered Cynthia’s blog by looking at someone else’s blog roll.  I love her stories about her family. Her writing is wonderful and it speaks to me.

This sweet award is given out by blogging peers which makes it all that more wonderful (I think). “You like me; you really like me!” As a winner of this award, I’m supposed to share with you 7 things that you may not know or ever guess about me from reading my blog. I’m also supposed to bestow this honor upon my favorite blogs (between 5 and 15). I’m also supposed to contact these award winners and let them know that they have won (since I can’t call them up on stage like at the Oscars, I will contact them via the web).

You may be wondering why I’ve waited so long to share this wonderful news with you. Well, I’ve been mulling over my 7 new things to share. Hmmm…..

The Seven Things that you may or may not know about me:

 #1  My sister (my only sibling) and I have the same birthday, but we aren’t twins. I’m two years older – what a birthday present, right?! Hey, Jen what do you want for your birthday? How about a little sister?

When I was younger, I really didn’t like the fact that I had to share my birthday. The birthday is supposed to be the one thing that is yours alone! But, as I’ve gotten older, I like it. It’s one of special things that my sister and I have in common.

#2 My guilty pleasure is watching Bond films. I just love’em! There used to be Bond movie marathons on TV (I haven’t seen any lately) and when this happens, you can just forget about the laundry, cooking, paying attention to my family, etc. My butt is parked in front of the boob tube. My favorite Bond? Before Daniel Craig came into the picture, it was the young Sean Connery hands down! Now, I’m struggling. I mean, have you seen Daniel Craig?

#3 I own an autographed t-shirt signed by Hall & Oates (Yeah, Baby!) and autographed pictures of Candice Bergen, Tatum O’Neal (when she was young) and Ryan O’Neal.

My girlfriends from high school (Tam & Elise) and I went to the Hall & Oates concert when we were 17 or so and they (H & O) signed only one of our shirts (not sure why – too long ago). We were supposed to share the shirt (like the traveling pants, but it’s a shirt). I guess I wasn’t a good sharer or friend because I have it. Also, my sister might say the same thing about the autographed pics since Mom got them for us. Don’t worry everyone, I’m taking good care of our treasures! I swear!

#4 I was born in Waynesboro, VA and moved 5 times (5 different states) before I was 7. We moved to our final location when I was in first grade and I’ve never left. I still remember my new first grade teacher – Mrs. Burns (she was really mean).

#5 I’m a control freak and compulsive organizer (Bed, Bath & Beyond LOVES me) in my every day life (which you all know). BUT, when I go on vacation, don’t you dare try to impose a schedule or itinerary on me! Vacation Jenni likes to live life on the edge without a schedule. I don’t want to HAVE to be anywhere at anytime – let’s wing it!

#6 I LOVE daffodils, but I can’t find anyone in my life that will ever get me any (hint, hint). I guess I’ll have to buy them myself. Why are they my favorite flower? They remind me of my grandma Helen’s house (that no longer exists). Their wonderful smell takes me right there.

#7 I graduated 2nd in my class out of about 676 students. That year we had 5 Valedictorians – crazy, right? The shocking thing is that I’m not really that smart – just focused and determined. It was important to me to have straight As (my perfectionist tendencies). Now, as an adult, I’m not sure if all of the late nights studying really paid off.  I could have had a little more sleep and a little more fun and probably still ended up a math major at Ball State!

My favorite blogs? This is a really hard list to make (I apologize to those that I left out). The winners of The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award are:

Writerly ~ This blog is by a friend of mine. I stumbled upon her blog when rifling through my FB feed. What I read was really interesting, funny, introspective, etc.  Her blog inspired me to start my own.

As the Actress said to the Bishop ~ Her descriptions of her casting calls and life in general are incredible, funny and entertaining. Her life is very different from mine. I get a kick out of peeking in on her life as she lets me!

Punch It In! ~ I really like this blog. It’s a compilation of rantings, writings, and stories from a 30-something Chicagoan. I like this perspective since I don’t hang out with many 30-somethings any longer! Her insights can be very thought-provoking and I like that.

Writing in the Margins ~ Her writing is just lovely and beautiful. I don’t know how else to say it. You just have to go to her blog and check it out.

Perpetually Peeved ~ She is just funny. There is no beating around the bush and she tells it like it is. This blog is a glimpse into suburban life with two daughters, a hubs and her mom.  It will make you smile. I promise.

40BlogSpot ~ I like this blog – it’s life through the perspective of a French woman living in England with her family. Her writing brings a smile to my face! 

Well there it is! Happy reading!

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