Step Two is New Countertops & Tissues

Classic Stone is here right now installing my new countertops – very exciting!

And, of course, there has already been a snag. I guess that happens when your house is 33 years old (Oh, to be 33 again!). Since I’m also getting new sinks, the water valves under the sink need to be turned off. No biggie.

Well, now it’s a biggie because, of course, the water valves are too old and don’t work anymore (when did that happen, I wonder?). They need replaced which the countertop dude is ready to do, but in order to do that, we need to turn the water off to the entire house.

Dude:  Ma’am (I hate that word now), where is the main water valve to the house?

Me (thinking): Hell. If. I. Know. 

I did take him to the spot in the basement where I thought it was. He turned the valve off and then ran the sink water and convinced himself that it wasn’t it. That was my best last guess*.  


Dude:  Ma’am, do you know where your breaker box is?

Me (sensing some condescension in his tone):  Yes, I know where the breaker box is.   [I’m not a complete idiot!]

I’m a little concerned about the main water valve being turned off. Not to be too personal, but I’ve got a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow and I have to start taking my prepping meds at 2pm.  For all of you that have had this test or know someone who has, you know that it’s very important to have running water the house once the consumption of the meds has begun! Now, more anxiety is creeping in. I need that like I need a hole in the head!

*BTW, I finally got through to the hubs via text and he confirmed my last best guess for the location of the main water valve (Ha! Take that!).

More later . . . . . . .

Today is not going well.  Apparently the main shut off valve in the house is not working properly (the water won’t shut off completely – it’s down to a trickle) and they have had to do heroic measures to get the sinks installed. However, the guy that comes in after the installation of the sinks and countertops to make sure we have functioning faucets and such told me that he can’t say for sure that we will have running water this evening because of this broken valve (he gingerly got it to turn off enough to allow installation of the sinks, but he can’t guarantee that it can withstand more turning to get the water back on). We won’t know for a couple of hours. He doesn’t want to turn the valve until the installation of all sinks and countertops has been completed.

I need to have running water tonight! I’ve got my test prep ordeal (arghhh!) and we are having a pre-party for my daughter’s 8th grade dance. I thought we would have countertops, sinks and most of all, running water by 6pm tonight.

The contractor did set me up with a plumber that is coming out tomorrow morning to completely replace our main water valve, but that doesn’t help me tonight.

Have I told you that I had to start a complete liquid diet this morning? Yep. I’m pretty much a starving, grumpy, panic-ridden middle-aged suburban housewife on the verge of tears in front of four workmen . . . . . . G-r-e-e-a-a-t!!!

5 thoughts on “Step Two is New Countertops & Tissues

  1. Good luck with the colonoscopy. When we changed house, I lived with builders for 3 months. We ended up on a first name basis. Had the whole family had to survive on takeaways…


  2. Oh my gosh that is so funny and so tragic. And so funny! Good luck with the prep with no water!!! This will be hilarious in about five years. (And also, how cute is it that girls get together before the dance for pictures and parties, and the boys don’t talk to each other and get dropped off individually by their moms?)


    • We did finally get the water on – whew!

      Girls are so great that way – I’m listening to their chatter as they are eating pizza and it is cracking me up!


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