Excuse Me . . . Are My Boobs in Your Way?

I was getting caught up on the news by surfing the web and came across this little gem:

Executive says she was fired for her ‘distracting’ breasts

By John Springer / TODAYshow.com contributor TODAYshow.com contributor / updated 11/15/2010 2:31:44 PM ET 2010-11-15T19:31:44


How can you pass up a title like this one??  As I was reading the article, I was just shaking my head.   It made me think of this scene from Legally Blonde ~

The hubby and I were chatting about the article while he was doing the dishes.  We agreed that you can’t  fire someone if s/he has distracting earlobes, arms or a wonky eye.  Of course, as you read the article you find out that she was fired after she filed her second sexual harassment grievance.  Hmmmm……  The timing on the firing seems somewhat suspicious, doesn’t it? 

Maybe she forgot to read this “article/ad” that I posted on Sep 4th  – “Want a raise? Wash your v*g*na.” .  Could she have saved her job by reading this important article?  I guess we’ll never know.

Here’s a snippet from the “distracting breasts” article that just cracked me up!  {Of course, this came from her complaint and is her side of the story.}  But, why would she make this up?

“You have very large breasts, so does my wife, and I have talked to her about you and your breasts,” one manager allegedly told Blakely, according to the civil complaint filed in Orlando. “You should wear loose fitting clothes or try to hide your breasts because they are too distracting.”

#1 –  Why would he talk about someone else’s boobs with his wife? 

#2 – Why would he convey this conversation to the very person who owns the distracting boobs? 

#3 – What did he want her to do with them?  Tape them down?  Wear MuuMuus or bathrobes to work?  Smack’em around and show’em who’s boss?

Is he a complete nimrod?  Sounds like it.  I’ve worked in places where some members of the upper management team were severely lacking in interpersonal skills and general common sense.  Yet, they were able to climb the corporate ladder – I’ve never understood that.  This is one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

Well, I really hope that her complaints are genuine because sexual harassment is serious.  False claims will only hurt the women who have legitimate grievances.

I wish her the best.  Hang in there! (oops, maybe that wasn’t the best choice of sayings?) 

Um. . .  Good Luck!

One thought on “Excuse Me . . . Are My Boobs in Your Way?

  1. #1 is too easy. That’s what us men usually do.

    Very interesting post. It gave me a lot to think about. (Hey, I’m being serious here!)

    I agree with you. I hope it’s not just a tactic.

    I read the article and it raises some doubt. Of course, even if completely guilty the company would respond the way they did. That’s how the game is played. On the other hand, it seems suspicious to me that she worked there 15 years, got a promotion, then suddenly decided to make waves just for the hell of it? It seems there just might be something there. And then she’s suddenly fired after complaining of sexual harassment? I guess it all depends on what legitimate cause they can show for her termination, if they even have any.

    Whatever happened I hope justice prevails.

    By the way, that “wash your va-jay-jay” article was outrageous! Sometimes I can’t believe this is actually the year 2010. Sad.


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