Bus Stop Fashion . . . It’s About Time!

Image c/o freefoto.com

Finally, some news I can use!  I have been waiting and waiting for a news segment about…..well, you guessed it!  Bus Stop Fashion.  When I work from home, a lot of the time I have the Today Show on for a while.  Then, I eventually move into the office so I can really crank out the work.  However, I will admit that today I lounged a bit more than usual and before I knew it, it was time for the Hoda & Kathy Lee hour – my lucky day!  Guess what was on today???  This awesome segment:  Mom Chic for the Bus Stop.  WOO HOO!!

Now, this is what I usually wear to the bus stop.  I do want to point out that this isn’t me, but that this Biatch stole my outfit.  You can imagine the embarrassment of showing up at the bus stop in the same outfit as the mom down the street!  I have to say that this outfit is pretty comfy and easy to put on in the morning to get the kids off to school.  But, my mind was open to consider other options.  I mean, I was tired of looking like everyone else – Thank You, Hoda & Kathy Lee!

Pic c/o People of Walmart

Okay, seriously folks, there are definitely A LOT of ridiculous segments on that show.  I get that.  But, come on!  This one really pushed me over the edge!

Yoko, the first model, is wearing a $150 outfit and is carrying a $95 bag.  Why in the world would I buy a $95 tote and a $150 outfit to wear to the bus stop? If I’m getting dressed in that outfit, I’m going out on the town, not wearing it to make sure that the kids are safely aboard Bus #00!

If this segment had been about Fall fashion, then it would have been tolerable, but bus stop fashion?  I just don’t understand it.  The ecomony is struggling, people are out of work, and now women should be made to feel that wearing sweats to walk the kids to the bus stop is not okay?  Oh brother!!

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