Camera Love

Is there really such a thing as Camera Love? Well. All I know is that I think it’s real and that I have it! For this past Mother’s Day, I was bestowed with a Canon Rebel EOS T3i digital camera!!

Of course, I told my three lovely children that if they dared show up without this camera on Mother’s Day that they would be homeless waifs within minutes. And, that their daddy would “disappear”. They have all watched enough Bones, NCIS and CSI episodes to know what I meant.

What do you think I got for Mother’s Day? Well…..let’s not keep you waiting! I got my Canon EOS Rebel T3i!!!

It. Is. So. Awesome!!!

I love my camera so much. Really. I have signed up for another photography class. Despite some of my previous posts, these classes have actually been very helpful and very interesting.  And, I’ve met some really nice people.

For the first class in my second photography class EVER, the topic/assignment was ‘abtrasct’, so here are my options:

Assignment #2 for my second photography class is “portraits”. People, I tried really hard, bought a reflector and ruminated on my lessons. Below, the photos that I’m turning in for “homework”:

These are my assignments for next week. What do you think? I’m pretty happy with the pictures!

BTW, Happy Father’s Day to all those celebrating and I will finally stop my denial and get real with all of the changes going on in the Engledow Household in the next post. Promise.


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