Florida Dreaming

I missed my Weekly Post in the WordPress Post-A-Week Challenge this week (it was due Monday) – Shoot!  But, I did have a good excuse – I was in Ft. Myers with My Gals for our “Moms Gone Wild” long weekend! What would I do without my gal pals?  I think I would be a hot mess without ’em. (One of my gal pals laughs when I use the word gal because she thinks I’m not old enough to use that word yet. Are you giggly yet, Ti? I’ve used it 4x already!). 

Woot! It was A LOT of fun. I love those trips – they really rejuvenate my spirit. That sounds really hokey, but I’m not sure how else to describe it. I feel like I can do anything when I get back.  And, then the reality of life hits (especially when you come home to Ice Storm 2011)! Ah. . .  vacations are for dreaming.

The picture in this post is actually of Naples – we went there for the day.  The beach is SOOOO pretty. Shopping around in Naples that evening made me feel young – even at 46, we seemed to be some of the youngest gals there. 

So, what did we do and what did we discuss while on our wild weekend? We did very little, ate wonderful food and talked A LOT!


Of course, being in Florida with all of the silver hair and silver cars got us talking about retirement. What are our plans? Would we be snowbirds? It seems 75% of the group is looking forward to being snowbirds. I told them that I didn’t think that would be in our future for a lot of reasons, but mainly because my husband LOVES Fall.  They don’t seem to have Fall in Florida. I’m also having a hard time picturing that time in my life at this point since it’s probably 20-25 years away. Let’s be honest, I’m having trouble picturing my life even 3 years from now.

It does seem that by retiring to Florida, you could be taking your life into your hands. The driving there was the worst driving that I’ve personally experienced anywhere.  While in their invisible silver cars, the snowbirds don’t stay in their lanes, they cross lanes without warning and they speed like crazy (and some of them may actually be asleep)! I may not have the proper constitution to be a snowbird.

Getting “Work” Done:

This is a topic that’s in the news All. Of. The. Time!  Why did it come up on vacation? Well, because we watched the Housewives of Beverly Hills during our stay – the topic is hard to avoid while watching this show. It seems that nothing on/in these women is natural any longer. I hate the pressure put on us (even regular housewives) to have procedures to keep us youthful looking. Would I commit to never getting anything done?  I’m not sure I can say that, but I’m really not planning on it. Surgeries of any kind scare me and I’m afraid of the slippery slope effect.

Other topics:

Kids:  Duh!  They make us crazy (which is why we briefly run away), but we still love ’em.  So, we confer with and console each other in order to provide reassurance that our kids aren’t the only ones that talk like they are possessed, have trouble following instructions, or act like they will never manage to care for themselves as they get older.

Husbands:  Similar to the kids topic above – they make us crazy, but we can’t live without them.  Mike doesn’t usually talk like he’s possessed or have trouble following directions (depends if he sees them as valid or not).  And, I’m hoping that he will be able to take care of himself as he gets older!

Movies:  We watched the worst movie all of us had ever seen – Sex in the City 2.  The series was so ground-breaking and entertaining.  The movie, not so much.  It would take too long to explain how bad this movie was. If you haven’t seen it and had it on your list as a ‘must see’, erase it and replace it with another movie. I’m saving you 2 hours and 26 minutes of your life that I can never get back.

I wish we had had one more day of fun in the sun, but our houses were falling apart without us (okay, maybe not falling apart, but you get the idea).  They needed us home!

Here’s to mini-escapes that keep us sane!

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