That’s How You Get a Raise and a Promotion? Hmm..

One of my BFF’s (can I use this terminology as a middle-aged women?) forwarded me a link to one of the funniest articles/posts that I’ve read in a long time!  The author of this post really nailed it.

It’s a critique of an “article” that is trying to help women get ahead in their careers.  After you read it (link below), I know all of you will be enlightened.  I personally can’t believe that I missed out on this important 8-Step Regimen when I was trying to climb the corporate ladder.  Dang it!  All of those missed opportunities now down the drain.

“Want a raise? Wash your v*g*na.”   (don’t let the title scare you off – read it!).  This article was posted on by dhonig on 8-26-2010. 

In the spirit of this article, I have provided you with a skit from Saturday Night Live (this always cracks me up!):  saturday-night-live-espn-classic-ladies-darts

I hope it made you giggle a bit.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!