This Just In: I’m A Harlot, Not An Adulteress! (Aren’t We All) Thoughts On HJR-3 and Me and Not Being a Stinky Christian

I love this post by my friend, Beth Bates. It’s too good not to share.
When you are done reading this, I hope you will wander over and check out her other writings.

Beth Bates


In other news, upon further examination it has been determined that “adulteress” was not entirely accurate. Turns out I was only a harlot and that, after more research into Biblical definitions and semantics, I apparently had it all wrong about adultery.

According to the author of a somewhat prominent Christian marriage site I’d rather not link here (hey, it’s a blog, not a newspaper), “modern Christians” completely misunderstand the word “adultery,” and I quote:

Here’s a simple test:

If a married man has sexual intercourse with his single secretary, has he committed adultery?

If you answered yes then you don’t know the definition of adultery.

He goes on to clarify the matter thusly: “The fact is that anyone who has sexual intercourse outside of marriage has indeed committed a sin (harlotry*) but if the woman involved is not a married woman then it is not called adultery.” He…

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What to do with a 5-foot Metal Chicken

This blog post was brought to my attention by one of my FB friends (Thank you, Kathy!). It is the one of the funniest articles that I’ve read in a long time. So funny that I found myself laughing out loud at my son’s basketball practice (and receiving strange looks from the other parents). It was worth it!

The author is Jenny Lawson and her website is– here is a link to the post:  And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles.