Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I’m a little slow these days. This is the photo challenge from last week – threshold.

That was a hard one so I ignored it. But, I took this lovely flower bud photo last night and thought it was fitting.

Even though, we are to get some flurries tonight, I just know spring is on the way. It’s gotta be!

Come on spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections 2014

This week’s photo challenge is Reflections. This is a repeat challenge from 2012 so I made sure the photos were not duplicates!

Here are four photos that meet this challenge. I’d like to know what you think.

Sunset in Monochrome

Sunset in Monochrome

Playing in the Park.

Playing in the Park.

Here's looking at you.

Here’s looking at you.

Reflections of Christmas

Reflections of Christmas

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I’m behind a few challenges so I will post two this week. The first one is Window.

In this first one, our dog is looking a little sad because we made him come inside after playing in the snow for hours. I mean, his poor paws were frozen. He would stay out all day because he absolutely loves the snow.

Snow Day

In this next one, I captured him is in usual position – surveying his Kingdom, Backyardia. He does this first before wandering around his Kingdom. He needs to prioritize his visit.

Surveying the Kingdom

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I’ve missed a few Weekly Challenges, but to be honest, they were HARD. This one was a good one for me. I had a lot of pictures that were made for this challenge. These are a few of my favorites.

I haven’t been out taking photos like I normally do. I miss it and I’m ready to get back into crazy photo lady mode!