Shut your Pine Mouth!

Okay, many of you maybe like “Yeah, whatever!”   BUT,

since I’ve been inflicted by this insidious “taste disorder” as labeled by the FDA (read prior post, “Doc, I’ve Got What?!” to get up to speed), I’ve been whining and suffering!  I love to cook, but now, I have no desire for food.  However, I must eat to live, correct?

This weekend, I even did my 2-wk menu planning (as I usually do) and went to the grocery store which you all know I hate (if you read my blog).  I REALLY hated it today.  I was starving when I went (because eating makes me sick), and I resented every moment.

Is this my permanent hell?  Okay, that was a bit melodramatic, but I love to cook only to be turned off by food.  That has to be the 10th circle of hell, right?

In doing my research on this infliction, I discovered that there is a Facebook Group for sufferers named “Damn You Pine Nuts” which, of course, I’ve joined.  It was so reassuring to know that there were others like me – even from other countries.  Then I found this link to a blog that belongs to someone doing research on this phenomena –

I have to say that this has been the freakiest thing that has ever happened to me – EVER

What I haven’t figured out is if I will ever be able to eat pine nuts again.  The articles have hinted that it might be an allergic reaction to pine nuts which I mostly discount since I have eaten a shit-load of these nuts up until now.  I am leaning toward the China invasion of pine nuts – they are mixing edible ones with inedible ones.  That has to be the problem, right?

The pine nuts that I purchased from my local grocery store was a 2 oz package of pine nuts with the Fishers label (blue  & white packaging) and distributed by John B. Sanfilippo & Son (Elgin, IL).  It clearly stated on the package that some of the nuts may be from China!  Don’t buy these nuts.  I’m serious!

I know that this is temporary.  I’m hoping my Pine Mouth experience will be very short-lived.  I’m in the 4th day of this and very disgusted.  I can’t imagine my symptoms lasting 4 weeks (which is longest time-frame that I have read about).

All I can say is, “Beware of the pine nuts!”

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