Two for the Price of One – “Awesome!”

I was going to write a post on something else today, BUT yesterday I received my unsolicited ValPak envelope that arrives in my mailbox every so often.  I have to say that I usually keep one coupon out of the 30-40 or so coupons – it’s for a Chinese restaurant that we frequent about once a month.  When searching for my Chinese restaurant coupon, I stumbled across this beauty –


I’m not even sure what to say.  I mean if I get a boob job, does that mean that I only have to pay for one of the girls?  Or if I pay for both of the girls, can I get my butt lifted for free? 

I think this little coupon can be viewed as a commentary on our society.  It’s taken something risky and serious like surgery (of any kind) and turned it into something like a Domino’s pizza weekend special! 

Who would this coupon appeal to?  Someone on the fence about plastic surgery just waiting for right deal to come along? 

“Wow, I was really undecided about body altering surgery, but since you’re giving it away for practically nothing, I think I’ll do it!”

Do reputable plastic surgeons offer coupons?  Hmmm…

What about other surgeries? 

 “I need my gallbladder removed, but I think I’ll wait for the best coupon deal to arrive in my ValPak envelope!  Maybe they’ll  have two-fer – gallbladder and appendix!  Oh, wait!  Here’s my ValPak envelope.  Look, Honey, it’s my lucky day – a two-fer on useless organs!  I’m giving them a call right now!”


The plastic surgery center of the coupon shown above is offering a special on the Brazilian Butt Lift (using your own natural fat – I have plenty of that!).  Why Brazilian?  Are they known to have the best looking booties around?

 Hmmm…. maybe I do need a butt lift.



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