Really?! You Just Did That?

It’s summer and I love going to my daughter’s softball games!  There’s nothing like summer, softball (or baseball) and hotdogs, right?!

Okay, we are at my daughter’s softball game waiting for it to start which also means that my son is itchin’ for his pre-game sugar to get him through the evening.  I send him on his way to the concession stand (which is in view) and glance around the field while also keeping an eye on the boy.  That’s when I see something very strange (we go to our state fair every year so I know what I’m talking about).  See the picture of the woman to left?  Well, I’m not sure I’m going to do this justice, but this woman is chatting up the concession stand worker and then all of a sudden she flexes her right arm (you, know the “gun show”) while at the same time grabbing the dangling flab of her right arm with her left hand and starts waving it around.  Keep in mind that she is doing the arm flailing while also still talking to the concession worker.  That’s when my mind starts racing!  ” What the hell did I just see? Am I hallucinating?”  

1.  What the hell was she doing?

2.  Does she know the concession worker (who was hidden in the shadows) and they were comparing flab?

3.  Did she not know the worker, wanted a free slushie and thought the worker would throw her one to get her to go away?

4.  Has her flab shrunk (or grown) and she was proud of it?

5.  What was she saying to the concession worker when she was flailing her flabby tricep? 

Inquiring minds want to know!

I have to say that I wish I had hopped off of my a– to stand behind my son at the concession stand in order to eavesdrop on some of the conversation, but alas, I was frozen to the bleachers in, well,  horrorWhat could have the conversation been?!  I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Why do people feel the need to do stuff like that in public?  No one wants to see you pinching or flailing any flab (or anything) in public!  It really goes beyond just flying flab, but I don’t have enough space to talk about all of the icky stuff that I’ve seen people do in the light of day within my eye-space.  This particular incident really just caught me off guard – it was not expected at a rec league softball game.  It did take away from the first game of a doubleheader, but I slowly recovered.  Every day is an adventure, right?

Please, keep your flab (and whatever else)  to yourself!

5 thoughts on “Really?! You Just Did That?

  1. LOL…whats even funnier than this visual story is the ad by Google right below your ratings…”Thigh Liposuction at Beautopia in Fishers”, now thats funny! Did you call them to coordinate their ads with your stories…brilliant! 🙂 Was your son able to it? Mistified or horrified?


    • Wow, I didn’t see the ad! How appropriate!
      Jack completely missed the flapping of the arms (thank goodness!) – he can be a bit oblivious sometimes. I think it’s a coping strategy he has adopted 🙂


  2. This is quite common, actually. Peacocks show plumage. Us humans have to make do with our gifts. It was most likely some sort of mating ritual.

    Or maybe it was a verbal misunderstanding. Maybe he said something about “farm ham” and she thought he said “arm flab.” (Boo hiss.)


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