Assignment #3 058

I am. . . . . let’s start with the obvious,  a 40-something suburban housewife and mother. I married my high school sweetheart and we are raising our family and our dog in the same town where we both spent our childhoods. Our three children are going through the same school system that we did – crazy.

I love to hang with my family and friends, have my alone-time, read, cook, do crossword puzzles, talk, listen to music, learn new things, blog, sleep in, organize things and my family, drink wine, eat coffee ice cream, vacation with family and friends, watch “bloody shows”, etc.

I currently work in the health insurance industry and have for about 20 years now mainly as an underwriter (What’s that, you ask? Basically a risk evaluator).  In 2007 I went part-time and have been trying to find my “thing”, my “purpose” ever since then.  The hunt continues!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoying your blog! I’m 40-something too…and I love crosswords too! I do them to keep from going insane after long days at the office. Thanks for listing me on your blogroll too – very flattered.


    • Thank you! I love Dilbert – that is the only cartoon I read in the Sunday Paper. Your blog is so funny and reminds me of my work experiences! I have had multiple Bad Bosses and unusual co-workers. I can completely relate to your stories. Some of them made laugh out loud.


  2. Hello!
    I am a 50 something woman trying to figure it all out too. Never easy but sharing experiences let us see the humor. We’ve all been there, that’s for sure.

    I just started blogging myself although I have kept a journal since 1976. Where do you live? Is the photo near your home or a vacation? We are currently in the midwest but hope to head back to the east coast.

    Keep Writing!!


    • I’m glad I’m not alone! I quickly discovered that when I started this blog.

      The picture was taken while on vacation in the Outerbanks, NC. And, we live in the midwest and always have.


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